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Thread: Northern California

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    Re: Northern California

    Hey Jamie,

    I'm in Lincoln and shoot a bit of 4x5. Let me know if you'd like to meet sometime.

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    Re: Northern California

    that would be fantastic! Wife and I are always over there for the vintage markets. my 4x5 is a pinhole (Ilford Obscura), I'm looking to invest in good starter 4x5 camera, maybe you can point me in the right direction.
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    Northern California

    I'm in SF and shoot 4x5 up to ULF. Any excuse to escape my home office for a few hours during the day! Delores Park isn't necessarily the best - lots of people and kids at the playground. How did it go?

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    Re: Northern California

    I will be at Donner Pass in September, after Labor Day, with a 4x5. If any of you want to meet up there just let me know. I could post it as a regular meeting on here if there is any interest. It would probably be mid month. Chris

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