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Thread: Ever worry about getting shot while using your spotmeter?

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    Re: Ever worry about getting shot while using your spotmeter?

    Quote Originally Posted by gregvds View Post

    I mean, when the usual taking picture device nowadays rings, plays video and mp3, speaks like your mom, reminds you your apointments, and take less place and less weight than a cigarette pack, you wonder the simple custom guy is bewildered when you unfold your 4x5...
    I have had to unpack the crown graphic a few times and explain what the hell it was. In Australia (so far) you can tell the xray person about the weird camera and they look at it a bit then let you go; tried it once with TSA and got the eyeball of death from the McDonalds checkout reject.... I dont do this anymore when in the US.

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    Re: Ever worry about getting shot while using your spotmeter?

    I made a Gore-Tex case for my Star-D and carried my beater Nu-View in a cheap backpack from my apartment in Pasadena to Victory Garden to take pictures of the floats after the Rose Parade in 1985. On the way back, I decided to stop by the local McDonalds for lunch. Since I was on foot, I had to walk in with all that gear. The place was packed. About 15 minutes later I was seized by a couple of officers. They were satisfied by my explanation that I was simply taking pictures. My friends got a big hoot out of it and to this day they joke that I should have said...

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