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Thread: Agfa repromaster machines

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    Agfa repromaster machines

    My first topic, hello everyone ,-)

    Maybe this isnīt to right place to ask but...
    Where can I find complete info about old 70s/80s Agfa Repromaster Machines?
    How it works? Where to buy one? Chemicals, etc?

    Is there a modern digital to analog kind of repromaster.

    Thanks very much for all your help.

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    Re: Agfa repromaster machines

    I have one. No info. Thought I would turn it into an enlarger...someday, maybe. Keep looking you'll find one. Knock on every print shop door that's been open for 20 years.
    Cheers and Good Hunting,

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    Re: Agfa repromaster machines

    I have one.
    It's a vertical camera
    It is really heavy and takes up more room than I'd like in my darkroom
    At the time I got it, the weekly free ad mag publisher had been advertising it for sale for months- I didn't actually know just what it was, so i went and looked and paid money for it, then called my adult son to haul it home in his pickup- and bring a friend to lift it. Took about 3 minutes to figure out how to run it, by trying the switches. It came with two lenses 150 and 210 Ronars. Has a big glass platen and a vacuum lid, 4 very hot and bright lights. The front has a scale for reduction enlargement- that i've never bothered with. Last year I lifted the glass out and cobbled a wood deck to take the 4x5 reducing back from my 8x10 2d so i could speed the process of copying a lot of 5x7 prints. When the glass was in I contact-copied old ink-on-linen tracings to Lith film - no way to get a good copy other than using a vacuum.
    The vacuum pump is somewhat noisy.
    I may actually have a manual

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    Re: Agfa repromaster machines

    Thanks for the replies ,-)
    Any problems with chemicals?

    Do you know if thereīs a modern equivalent, maybe smaller and less heavy too, that work like those old ones?
    Thanks a lot.

    ps. any chance to see that user manual?

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