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Thread: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Schneider 58mm SA XL f/5.6 with center filter
    Nikkor 150mm f/5.6
    19th century no name meniscus Galli lens 280mm f/7.7

    The 58mm is a relatively new addition, and I like it for outdoor/nature shots and indoor environmental portraits. Format is 4x5.

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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Thoms View Post
    My active kit right now is my new (60 year old) 4x5 Speed Graphic with a 135mm F4.5 Zeiss Tessar.

    The limited bellows on your speeder will limit the focal length lens that will be useful. A 203mm Ektar or Wollensak will make a nice addition that will fit when you fold up your camera. Other good lenses would include the 165 & 120 Angulons and the 125 wide-field Ektar
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