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Thread: Greetings from Minnesota!

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    Adam Costello
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    Minneapolis, MN

    Greetings from Minnesota!

    Hi Everybody.
    I've been learning quite a bit from this website regarding LF. Thanks for all the great information, everyone.

    I've been photographing since I was a child, but mostly using 35 and MF. Within the past year, I've started seriously using my LF cameras. I think the main reason for doing so was because I didn't have a darkroom, and scanning/digital printing was an unacceptable option for me. So I started making alternative process photographs in my basement - and now I'm hooked! I absolutely love it.

    I own a Pacemaker Speed Graphic and a Toyo 45A, but of course I'm already wishing I had larger negatives for contact printing...Just don't tell my wife

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    Re: Greetings from Minnesota!

    Welcome to group therepy. There are alot of folks around here that are into various alternative'll find yourself in good company!

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    Re: Greetings from Minnesota!

    Hey Adam,
    I am across the river in St Paul, returning to shooting/alt printing after a 3 year hiatus. My new darkroom is going to be multi stage project with the first step being a crude carry the water into the DR and wash at the laundry tub affair. I think the enlargers will be lonely for a while.

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