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Thread: Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt

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    Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt

    Is this feature useful enough to be worth the extra money? Many thanks for any responses.

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    Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt

    One advantage of the geared axis tilt is that it helps focus short lenses with the standard bellows. Using the geared tilt, the rear part of the camera, with GG and film holder, can be moved forward from the rear standard which allows the lens board to move closer to the film plane. Please excuse my syntax.

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    Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt

    I just sold my Wisner Expedition camera, which had geared rear axis tilt. It was a nice feature, but not one to base a purchase on. By comparison, just last night I received my new Ebony RW45 camera. (yeah, I'm now a member of the club!) No geared axis tilt, but I gotta say, I like the way the Ebony handles both front AND rear tilts MUCH better than the Wisner. Not to mention all the other things I like about it over the Wisner. E-mail me if you have questions about it.

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    Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt

    I chose the technical; field after having tried out a variety of field cameras, from technika to ebony to wista. The geared axis tilt is useful for the features someone already mentioned--WA lens use with standard bellows, but is is also useful for what it was designed for--rear tilt. You can dial in the tilt easily and surely, altering focus where needed with one hand and tilting with the other. The tilt stays put, so you do not need that thrid hand-one to hold the back and two more to tighten both knobs. Obviously, others will disagree, since Wisner is not the flavor of the week camera that is reviewed and touted highnly here and elsewhere right now. If you can compare a traditional wisner agst. the tech field before purchasing, and see how you respond to the geared tilt. Bob

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    Wisner Technical 4x5 Geared Axis Tilt


    I have the Wisner Traditional and have had very few occasions where I wished for the rear axis tilt. I see it as a matter of convenience, really, as you can do anything that the axis tilt can do using the base tilting rear standard on the Traditional. The only thing is, after tilting you must re-focus more with base tilt.

    It seems that more often than not, I'm using front tilt anyway.

    I have a good friend who purchased the Technical Field and we shoot together often. I was really surprised at the added size of the larger rear standard. I don't think he uses the rear axis tilts much anymore, although for awhile (before the got a Sinar P system) he was using it for studio tabletop work and I'm sure that feature came in handy at times.

    As other posters have suggested, your shooting style and technique will let you know if you need the geared axis tilt more than my opinion or that of the others who've responded.

    Personally, I think either Wisner style would be a good choice. I'll have to say that mine, which I bought used 10 years ago, has taken plenty of abuse and I've NEVER done so much as tighten a screw. Always works perfectly.'s beautiful.

    Hope this helps.

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