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Thread: Bayonet Mounts for LF

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    Bayonet Mounts for LF

    Does anyone have a business phone number for an MC Photographic Co, or MC "Somet hing". They made a nice bayonet mount for LF that could be attached to a board, or the base fit into some Linhof front standards.

    I have the base that receives the boards, but I don't have lens boards.

    I called them a few years ago, and while they were no longer making the bases, t hey would take orders once a year for the lensboards.

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    Bayonet Mounts for LF

    i haven't heard of these guys in years. i think they are no loger in business.

    I use Linhof Technika lens boards with the adapter boards more or less permanently mounted on my LF cameras to achievethe same effect.

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    Bayonet Mounts for LF

    Neil, I think Grimes also makes this type of bayonet mount, maybe he can help you.

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    Bayonet Mounts for LF

    The company existed about a year ago in Tennessee, but when I inquired the spokesperson said that they no longer manufactured the lens rings or the bayonet lensboards. too bad. I have a set for my camera and wanted another lensboard for a TK45s I was considering. Just too much trouble to change boards, and the thought of having to buy all those linhof boards and have an adaptor made for my existing camera was a bit too much.

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