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Thread: "... similar to that of a 4x5 camera"

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    Re: "... similar to that of a 4x5 camera"

    He should have used some tilt, or at least a tilt/shift Canon lens. Seems to me that he did not understand 4x5, beyond the size of the film.

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    Re: "... similar to that of a 4x5 camera"

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel_Buck View Post
    guess it could also matter how large he was printing :-)
    Yes, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss his opinion on this. First of all the guy has a long track record shooting 4x5 film and knows what film can do. Second it does matter what sizes you are comparing. I know for myself......I have been printing b&w for exhibitions for like 39 years and I think I am pretty good at it, and have pretty high standards, but a 3X stitch from a 5D or 5DII with a good prime lens can make a pretty damn good b&w print up to about 16x20. At 16x20 I would truly prefer a primo 4x5 negative, but with a careful 3x stitch I can do a print that satisfies me. This is important to me because I travel allot for commercial assignments (all of which are shot digitally except HABS projects) and it was enlightening that I could shoot personal work that satisfied me with a DSLR 3x stitch if that was all I had with me.

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