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Thread: 1st image of the new year

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    1st image of the new year

    I thought the other thread about new year/new decade got off course, and the real purpose of it was to show your 1st image of the new year. Maybe this thread will have more images and less controversy. I'll be the first to post an image that I shot on the first day of the new year. I hope others will follow.
    Happy New Year!!
    Sinar P, Betterlight scanning back, ISO 161 1/40th sec. f.32. Grandagon 90mm. 3 minutes and 20 sec. total exposure time.
    If you like to zoomify...


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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    My first from yesterday.

    It was bit too cold (-16 degree celcius) and I didn't had proper gloves to keep my fingers warm so the focusing was quite rough and I compensated that by using f/64

    The overall contrast was just right for N development, I put tree trunks around III and everything else fell just at the right places (my opinion).

    Toyo-View D45M, 4x5 Hp5+, Super-Angulon 8/90mm.

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    bigger view

    speed graphic on leitz tiltall tripod, stock 135mm, right in the middle of the big snowstorm that hit the northeast. I wanted to get the snow on the trees and in the air. TMY2 film and my first ever use of XTOL (I'd never strayed from d76 or tmax developer). Scanned on Epson v700.

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    Taken on Rannoch Moor, Scotland on 1st January 2010 at 4.00pm. Walker Titan 5x7 XL Wide, Nikon 120mm f8, Canham 6x17cm back. Shot on Ilford Delta 100 through Yellow/Orange (16) filter; 1/2 sec at f32.

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    I'd love to see a larger version of that one. Very subtle and deep !

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    Nothing to show yet. I took a 5 or 6 miles hike through the redwoods in perfect light and no wind. Instead of camera, I had my 3 boys and a good friend of mine and three of his grandchildren. So it goes. I enjoyed the light and the incredible old growth. And I enjoyed having all the kids along. We took a trail I have not been on for several years.

    I'll go back there soon -- saw many possible images, but it will quite a hike with all the 8x10 gear! So my "first photo of the year" will be taken a bit into the New Year.


    PS...Good stuff posted so far!

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    Posted this in the "wide open" thread, but will post it here too, since it's the first shot I took this year! It's not very cold here in Los angeles, so my new years photograph was a fan and a beer

    Arista EDU 100 8x10 in Rodinal 1:50 for 10 minutes in a unidrum roller. 1/2 second exposure at an aperture roughly f2.0 or so at 200mm, focused at about 4 feet or so.

    Daniel Buck - 3d VFX artist
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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    here's my first picture of this new decade.
    though now i'm back to paris and it already has a feeling of nostaligia...

    chamonix 4x5, nikkor 135mm f/5.6, 1/10s @ f/16 if i remember right...
    "I am a reflection photographing other reflections within a reflection. To photograph reality is to photograph nothing." Duane Michals

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    Unfortunately I can't post my very first images in this forum, but I like the results so much, that I'll give you a link to where they are located (Still on this site...) I now Wish I had done this in LF, but then I might have frozen to death, due to the exposure time...)

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    Re: 1st image of the new year

    daniel, great shot!
    My YouTube Channel has many interesting videos on Soft Focus Lenses and Wood Cameras. Check it out.

    My YouTube videos gallery

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