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Thread: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    There should be a lot of posts on Graf Variables here, and the internet at large.

    On Velostigmats being more expensive, I don't see that. The last two 12" ones sold for less than $410 on ebay. Also, yes, they are in shutters often. Mostly Betax and occasionally other shutters. I have a 12" in a well timed Wollensak pneumatic shutter.

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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    I had one of these but sold it recently, excellent lens, wide open did beautiful portraits, stopped down it was razor sharp
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    Re: Velostigmat Series II; Info and Images

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy View Post
    Mark, new to this & hope it is on topic. I drug out the Graf Variable to get a idea of what it will take to allow more revolutions as in the Velo IIs. One question would be about "haze". Not sure if that exists, needs cleaning, if it is what can be done about it. Beautiful lens altogether. It is a 8.5-9.5. Anyone know about this guy?
    The Graf Variable design doesn't have any cemented surfaces, so any internal haze should wipe right off, as long as it's not some really aggressive fungus. Good luck with opening it up!
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