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Thread: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

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    No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    Hi all.
    Can it be true?
    My local pro photo shop tells me they cannot get Tri-X or Plus-X in 35mm, 120/220 or any sheet sizes anymore. Is it just THEY that cannot get it or Kodak Canada is not distributing it anymore?
    I have ordered 4X5, 120 and 35mm/100ft rolls from Freestyle last month but should I be loading up my freezer?
    Regards, David Home

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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    you are close enough to come on over and pick it should always have your freezer full of film! what else would you put in there?
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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    I've heard of no such rubbish! My local supplier sells more tri-x than any other b&w film!

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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    The store is trying to sell you what's in stock. I remember talking to another photographer at a workshop in 1989- he was saying that his local retailer 'couldn't get' Tri-X anymore, only the (then-new) TMY-400. It was a retailer's scam, then and now.

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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?


    There is a real issue with the company that holds the rights to distribute Kodak in the eastern half of the country.

    As an example, they will not sell 5x7 TXP in orders of less than 500 sheets, yet Kodak claims (when I call Head Office in the USA) they can not set such a minimum.

    Kodak has recently switched the contract for another distributor, but only in the western half of the country!

    I switched to Ilford HP5 until it gets worked out.

    The risk Kodaks takes with this is, there is no guarantee I will ever go back once I settle in and get very comfortable with HP5.
    Ilford delivers as few as one 25 sheet box at a time as I order them in 4x5 (50shts), 5x7 or 8x10.

    I am sure I am not alone here in the East and Kodak is taking a chance after,
    1) messing with the formula of TXP,
    2) reducing the sheets per box,
    3) and now making it harder to buy the product at all.

    No wonder Ilford is bending over backwards to get film to us, they may soon take over the entire TXP user market.

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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    Whats wrong with Henrys? They list TriX in 4x5.

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    Re: No more Tr-X & Plus-X in Canada!?

    No troubles getting it out here. There's plenty of retailers...sounds like maybe you should investigate a few.

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