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Thread: OS 9.2 monitor calibration software.

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    OS 9.2 monitor calibration software.

    I'm using a Mac OS 9.2 machine to run a drum scanner (Colorgetter). I have an EyeOne 2 Display calibration tool that I use for my PC. I want to profile the Monitor on the old Mac but don't have software/hardware to do it. Is anyone here familiar with a tool to profile in Mac OS 9? old as it may be?

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    Re: OS 9.2 monitor calibration software.

    I don't know if this will work with your calibration tool, but I used to have a kit by Praxisoft called wiziWYG. You can still download the software here...


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    Re: OS 9.2 monitor calibration software.

    Adonis, Is your Mac OS updated to 9.2.2? I have a a G4 that I use to run a Scitex Eversmart Supreme with and have i1Match V3.0 on it which works with the Eye One Photo. This version of i1Match is no longer available for download on the X-rite site as far as I could tell. It was for 9.2.2 only. If you think it might work for you, PM me.


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    Re: OS 9.2 monitor calibration software.

    I also have a copy of the os9 version of i1match if you need it.
    We used it for our colorgetter on a g3 then on a g4.
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