Well, I've fired the trigger on an ebay Sinar F2.

I've bought this one:


Having spent a fair bit of the day comparing models, strongly considering field cameras, I decided to go for the technical looking one and this seemed as good as deal as any I've seen. I've read the pros and cons of both kinds of cameras and this one felt right for me. I can always sell it on if I don't get on with it and I'm sure I'll get what I paid for it.

So what next! Lens, lens board, shutter, shutter release, film holders, dark cloth. I've got a Sekonic 758 light meter and a fairly substantial tripod and head (manfrotto carbon fibre affair and a acratech ultimate ballhead).

Have I missed anything?

Cheers for your advice guys!


edit: Ok, I've probably paid a little over the odds but the guy seems like a good seller, so that instills confidence in what I'm buying