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Thread: Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

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    Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

    Does anyone know of a good archival non-destructive adhesive product that I coul d use to permanently mount color prints to a watercolor backing board? My idea is to trim the prints right to the edge of the image and mount them on watercolo r paper, and sign the watercolor paper. The prints are on Epson Premium Luster photo paper.

    Michael Kenna does a similar thing with his prints, using a dry-mount press. Thi s won't work with my prints so I'm looking for a substitute that will have the s imilar properties, i.e., a perfectly flat, bubble-free permanent adhesive will n ever damage the print.

    (and, please stick to the topic--no advice about paper corners, linen tape, etc. -- i just want to know about adhesives for this specific application...)


    ~chris jordan (Seattle)

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    Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

    Wheat paste,Light Impressions caries it. Pat

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    Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

    I know 3m among others make what is basically a really big piece of double stick tape this should fit your needs and is also in light impressions.


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    Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

    If you're talking about Scotch PMA, I can tell you that it doesn't work so hot for porous's designed for plastic materials like RC prints and cibas, and it works great for this...but it's not for fiber based prints or any sorts of paper based items....we use about 50+ rolls of PMA a year here to mount exhibit graphics and signage materials, and from experience, I gotta warn you....don't use it on porous materials....if you talk with sales reps from Scotch they'll refer to it as "an office supply product".....that said, it can't be beat for RC prints.

    For your use, I'd say wheat paste or maybe some type of PVA can try LI, gaylord, TALAS, University Products, Metal Edge, Conservation Resources Int'l. always, my opinions only.

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    Mounting Digital Prints to Backing Board

    I use 3M Photo Mount Spray adhesive in combination with slipsheet and a roller...It works ver well..for me...

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