So I'm new to LF and have a pretty newbie question. If anyone can help out would be much appreciated.

I read on Ken Rockwell's site that the easiest way to meter is to just copy the settings off of your digi cam.

I've got a Shenhao 4x5 view camera with a schneider super angulon 90 and a nikon d700 with a 14-24 ultra wide. I think the schneider is roughly equivilent to 22 mm, is this true?

Assuming I'm using velvia 50 film, here's what I think the process (for getting exposure settings from my digicam) should be and please correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Set my lens to approximately 22mm.
2. Set my digicam on aperture priority mode
3.Set aperture to aperture on view camera (aperture previously having been calculated to capture necessary depth of field)
4. Take and review picture with digicam. If image is acceptable take settings from digicam and transfer shutter speed to closest equivalent in view camera.
I dont think my digicam can drop to ISo 50 so should i close down one step to compensate?

Thanks in advance