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Thread: Issues with Ilford Gold Silk Fibre

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    Issues with Ilford Gold Silk Fibre

    I am having issues with the delicate surface of the the Gold Fibre Silk. I am leaving the prints untouched for 24 hours to harden up the ink. Even after that, it seems that a gentle breeze practically mars the surface. I am seeing both fine scratching and occasionally a white dot where the ink seems to have come off in a spot, revealing the paper underneath.

    The scratching is not coming from the printer. I had that problem earlier, widened the platen gap and the printer scratches went away. I am inspecting the prints after they come off and they are fine. I set them aside uncovered for 24 hours. It seems they are getting damaged from sliding them in new, clean protective archival plastic sleeves from Clear Bags that are supposed to protect them from damage.

    I have been having major issues with a 17 inch roll, but no real issues with 8.5x11 prints, which seem quite durable.

    I have been looking around on the web and so many people are using it, I am beginning to wonder if I might have a bad roll??

    Any experiences people can share with this paper?

    BTW, make that Gold Fibre Silk. Got the name backwards in the title.
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    Re: Issues with Ilford Gold Silk Fibre

    I've used it in 8.5x11, 13x19 and 17x22. No problems at all with scratching, and I've been carting six 17x22s around loose in a portfolio for a few months.

    Sorry to hear that, hope it is just a bad roll.

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    Re: Issues with Ilford Gold Silk Fibre

    Generally speaking, I will occasionally get a pesky white dot on a print and I think it happens because of the presence of dust on the paper before it goes through the printer and then the printer sprays the ink on the dust and then the dust falls off the paper leaving the clean white paper underneath. Check the paper for particles of some sort before you send it through the printer.

    Best of luck.

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