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Thread: Old School

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    Old School

    Don't know if anyone posted this anywhere else, but there's a great article in today's LA Times about a real working LF photographer...,4488845.story

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    Re: Old School

    I was there in '88 and India is indeed a magical place. It dosen't surprise me that large format cameras still provide a useful function in commerce.
    Great article!
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    Re: Old School

    Mr. Chand is definitely a kindred spirit who belongs on this forum.

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    Re: Old School

    Great story! Looks like his ancient camera has a slightly newer graft from a 1920s plate camera, as seen by the front standard and the Tessar lens + shutter marked "Zeiss Ikon".
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    Re: Old School

    Very cool!

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    Re: Old School

    These cameras + processing box do go back a long way, but were also in continuous use in several areas until quite recently. Mexico is the first place that comes to mind. I've never been to Egypt, but I think I remember pictures of tourists at the Great Pyramid with one of these combinations prominent in the foreground. I also remember them from my youth in Los Angeles, but that doesn't qualify as "quite recently".

    They used to be particularly associated with the tintype process, but they can also be used with modern materials.

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