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Thread: "Petzval" Photoshop Filter or Action?

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    Re: "Petzval" Photoshop Filter or Action?

    Quote Originally Posted by amilne View Post
    You're telling me. I posted on this back in 2009, didn't really come back to Lfforums til last week. I see this thing floating around. Now I know there is a god.
    The point was missed. I commented on this post, and brought it to the top, because there has been no software progress that I can tell, yet there are 100s of thousands of more youth posting pictures with their crappy "old fashioned" filters. They don't have a state of reference on the nuances of in camera legacy lens use versus software manipulation, and they don't care. It's the same human element that makes super-saturated High Def "art photography" sell at shows and galleries.

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    Re: "Petzval" Photoshop Filter or Action?

    Maybe if the Petzval app was priced accordingly, say starting around $1899.00 plus shipping and paypal fees.

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    Re: "Petzval" Photoshop Filter or Action?

    Quote Originally Posted by goamules View Post
    and they don't care..
    No, and they especially don't care that you or I care. Instagram and hipstamatic photos communicate a message of subversion and individuality for the people who take them. I don't see a problem with that, ( except for subversion part, since Facebook bought instagram).

    Besides, I have never heard anyone anywhere (outside of this forum) refer to these apps and programs looking like a 19th century view camera lens. I have however heard people refer to them as "toy camera" ish, and I think that's what the developers were going for.

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