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Thread: Anything coming up in the NYC area?

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    Anything coming up in the NYC area?

    I keep missing the guys from Kingston, NY - Is there anything coming up in NYC or within a couple of hours driving distance ?

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    Re: Anything coming up in the NYC area?

    on saturday a few of us are heading to scranton pa (steamtown usa). early start from manhattan. late finish. have room for 1 if you are interested.

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    Re: Anything coming up in the NYC area?

    FYI all national parks in the USA will be free this coming weekend. get out there!
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    Re: Anything coming up in the NYC area?

    Thanks Pete,

    To be honest, went to the trolley museum in New haven, Conn last weekend - just not that into trains.

    Please let me know when you guys are going back up to Hurley or somewhere like that with alot of old and historical buildings and sites.

    Thanks Again.

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    Re: Anything coming up in the NYC area?

    I was thinking of going out late in the day tomorrow. Shooting around Madison SQ park.
    If interested send me a message.

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