Hi everyone,

In the quest for lighter weight, I am trying to locate a Congo / Osaka 90mm F6.3 as recommended by Kerry Thalmann: http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/wide.htm

The specs are here: http://www.cosmonet.org/congo/index_e.html

Image Circle: 175mm at F22 Filter Size: 43mm Weight: 175 grams

Badger no longer carries them, but I talked to Ted Bromwell at Bromwell Marketing just now, who carries the Osaka line (essentially a Congo).


Ted does not want to sell me one due to the limited coverage. For those who can live with the coverage, they are $450 each, new. He has to bring them in from Japan and would be"around 2 weeks" with customs clearance etc. I'll be ordering one.