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Thread: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

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    Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question which I have been trying to answer for a long while, and while many people on many forums have been enthusiastically replying, no-one has been able to answer my actual question. Here it is:

    I am in need of a modern (multicoated, sharp) wide angle lens for an 8x10 camera with certain characteristics.

    Things I DO care about:

    1. Wide to approx 24mm equivalent on a 35mm camera (yes, I know the format has different proportions which means there is no exact equivalent- I am talking about the same angle or "feel" as a 24)
    2. Has enough coverage for a reasonable amount of movement - nothing too extreme.
    3. IMPORTANT: retains a non-distorted image when used with a little vertical movement. (For example my 24mm MF AI-S Nikkor looks fantastic in the corners and retains parallel verticals beautifully, as long as it's level)
    4. Even illumination across the field (with center filter, if req'd, is OK)

    Things I DON'T care about:

    1. Price (well sort of - try me)
    2. Weight

    Lenses I am considering (but open to suggestions):

    1. Schneider Super-Symmar XL 150/f5.6 (seems very wide - is there distortion at edges? Does it need centre filter?)
    2. Schneider Super-Angulon 165/f8 (bloody expensive)
    3. Rodenstock Grandagon 155/6.8
    4. Rodenstock Grandagon 200/6.8 (is this wide enough...?)

    NOW - feel free to post whatever (obviously), but I would love to hear from someone who actually owns and uses such a lens.

    Sorry in advance if this post sounds arrogant or unfriendly, but if I had 5 cents for every post from someone whose cousin Billy once overheard 30 years ago that lens X had edge softness at f45....

    Many thanks in advance and happy shooting!!

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    Don't rule out the Nikon/Nikkor f8 150 SW.

    It fits all of your requirements.

    If you want to go wider, the Nikon/Nikkor f8 120 SW will cover 8X10, with very little movement capability.

    I own both of these lenses. The i50 SW is an awesome lens for 8X10 and the 120 SW for 5X7.

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    I'll second that on the Nikon 150 SW. It's a beast, but a great wide angle lens for 8x10. It would definitely fit the bill and I think a few people are selling one here on the forum. I would suggest a center filter however.

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    I own and use the Schneider Super-Angulon 165/f8.

    It is a beast in size just like the Nikon 150 mm.

    That said I can't live without it. Fabulous lens. Fits perfectly between my Nikon 240 mm and my Nikon 120 mm.

    Good luck on what you end up getting. As always (which is tough now a days) try to test the lens before buying.
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    Like Walter I have a 165mm f8 SA, big lens but superb quality, they can be reasonable prices second0hand, I paid around $350 for mine.


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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10


    I have the 155 Grandagon N. Love it!
    Louie P

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    The older design Super Angulon 165 in it's latest iteration should not be more expensive than the 150XL which supplanted it. What you really want is a modern 183mm B&L Protar V, but there aren't any. The modern world makes the jump from 150 to 210 with nothing in the middle. A 210 is rather like a 28mm and a 150 is like a 21mm. The late multicoated 165 Super Angulon is as close to your criteria as you will get.
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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    Being an optical "bottom feeder" I can't suggest an appropriate lens which would meet your criteria, but something you might want to care about is wieght. Years ago I looked at a 165 SA at Adolph Gasser's and discovered that it was such a big and heavy (and beautiful) piece of glass that I felt it would tax the limits of my old camera's structural integrity.
    Just a though!
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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    I have the 150, it's awesome. I have the center filter but really never use it as I shoot black and white and any fall off is usually a help to me. If you get this lens and would like the center filter, I would be happy to sell you mine.

    I have the Nikkor 120 as well. I find I use both but I use the 150 more, but this is simply a personal choice.

    I wouldn't want to give up either.

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    Re: Which Wide Lens for 8x10

    Love the 150 SSXL, usually do not need the center filter except perhaps for chromes with a lot of sky. The lens is so good it can sometimes almost make me look like a photographer. Also a great lens for 5x7, beautiful medium wide. I find it worth the bulk for the quality.
    PM also sent.

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