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Thread: LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I have a debate going on, I am having a problem on any real info. that would set tle this debate. Is the field of LF shooters, is it made up of more pro's or am utures? I guess some say is how you derermine what a pro is. Just thought I w ould ask here if anyone has info or thought on this matter, just a stupid debate , but it has been interesting.


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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I don't make my living from photography but it certainly a significant source of income. Thr true origin of amatuer is someone who LOVES their craft. kw

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    Quang is running a survey at According to this, 53% of respondents derive 10% or less of their income from LF revenues. There are other results there as well.

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I realize that one of the beauties of a forum like this is that it can serve as a quick and dirty exchange of information, but isn't there some virtue in taking the care to shape something like proper sentences with properly spelled words?

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    Anyone see this recent magazine ad:

    A man with a salt-and-pepper beard looking at a large spread of B&W fiber-based prints on the floor of a studio, a few prints and MF contact sheets tacked to the wall, MF camera in the background and a woman in a doorframe in the back of the room, an 8x10" wood field camera mounted on a wooden tripod is prominent in the foreground. The plane of focus runs clearly from the front-right of the frame to the rear-left, so the 8x10" camera, the photographer, and the main window light are in focus, and the woman and MF camera are out of focus (so whoever shot the ad, at least, is using a camera with movements).

    Caption: "Jack's second career may not be as profitable as his first. A fact which Jack's money is prepared for." Then later: "Contact a Merril Lynch Financial Advisor...."

    There was also an ad for Chase Financial Services some months back, maybe on television, showing a man with his son on a grassy hill with a 4x5" wooden field camera--clearly a leisure-time activity.

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    The answer is probably (certainly based on this forum -- which I think is terrific) that more LF cameras are sold to amateurs and much more LF film is sold to professionals.

    When I was doing my apprenticeship, the professional I was working for advised that it was pointless to buy new Hasselblad gear as there were plenty of doctors and lawyers who would buy a blad and then after a year or two of never using it, be happy to sell it at a substantial discount. I've found the same to be true for LF cameras and equipment as well.

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I make my living shooting weddings and some portraits. That pays the bills and I love the the life it affords me and it supports my 8x10 sheet film habit. But if someone refered to me as a professional photographer I think I'd crack up. "Pro" like "Fine Art" are words that are so over used that they tend to lose their value. Regardless, I very sincerly love this craft in most of it's shapes and forms.

    apologeeeeez for marginal sentence structure or speeling.


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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    My perception has always been that there is no difference in the skill level between an Advanced Amateur and a Professional. A Professional IMHO is paid to do what he already loves doing anyway, or for doing a project for a client the way the client wants it done.

    I don't see how you could be either one without having a great love for photography, although I know people who unlike Edward, do weddings and events with everything on automatic just for the money.

    I think Advanced Amateurs and Professionals should be grouped together, and in terms of your question it would be interesting to know how how many beginners and hobbyists, are into LF along with the Pros and Advanced Amateurs.

    A lot of people call themselves Fine Art Photographers, and they are like the folks in Graphic Art who call themselves "creatives", they label themselves as 'Hey I'm Great!'. That's a bit silly. Labels aside IMHO there's just people who love Photography.
    Jonathan Brewer

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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    I think the major distinction between pro and amateur is the pro's ability to produce consistent results upon demand.


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    LF Made Up Of Pro's Or Amateurs?

    James, If you take photographs then you are a photographer. Simple as that. If you get paid for your images then you are a professional. But I've seen some pretty dreadful "professional" photographs and some incredible work by those who take photographs simply for enjoyment. As for LF use, most "pros" seem to have gone down the digital route - after all time is money! Traditional LF will probably become the domain of the person who shoots for pleasure rather than profit. All these labels (pro, semi-pro, amateur, advanced amateur) just help the manufacturers to sell gear! I for one consider myself a photographer. Whether I sell my work or use "pro" kit is irrelevant. I am able to shoot what I like, when I like, with no deadlines to meet! That suits me fine! Regards Paul

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