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Thread: Darkroom Black Out

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    Re: Darkroom Black Out

    Quote Originally Posted by bob carnie View Post
    Hi Gary
    The ceiling is the problem, I do have large sheets of black plastic that we have used in the past in ceilings for this purpose, but for this permanent darkroom a monster skylight is above the darkroom space so hanging a ceiling is problematic.
    We will build a roof structure above the 8ft drywall , use the plastic, and hopefully use some sort of lightweight blackout material for added protection.
    This roof will hopefully a lightweight solid attachment that effectively blocks out light from above.
    Air, Exhaust will be supplied from the roof into specific areas of the lab.
    A properly framed ceiling structure of wood will hold plywood panel and sheetrock (theres a thinner version made for ceilings). If well made, a plywood ceiling/roof can be used as a storage deck for extra gear, look at the way decks are made.

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    Re: Darkroom Black Out

    AV curtain material can often be had in significant yardage cheaply, since it's not in
    demand much anymore. But being vinyl, it tends to outgas a lot. True studio flocking
    is as black as something gets, but tends to attract dust and spider webs in a manner
    which is difficult to clean off. A coulple layers of 6-mil black polyethylene works well, but tears easily and you have to patch over the staple holes or whatever. Better just to suspend a floating ceiling and caulk and paint it. Sounds like you're on
    the right track, but again, beware of large surfaces which outgas and might smudge
    your lenses and make the room unpleasant.

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