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Thread: post alternative techniques

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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Hi Bob,
    Had a similar problem with a vacuum frame,in my case the rubber seal was brittle(no flex at all).Picked up a foam type rubber strip for sealing windows and contact cemented it around the existing"seal".The material came in a coil and was shaped like a long cylinder with a tab extending from it for attachment,think it was about$7.00 US so pretty cheap fix.I still have and use it occasionally.The rep[air is likely 25 or 30 years old now.Just a suggestion....
    Luck, Don

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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Orotone image.

    I knew I had some old (100+ years old) glass negatives lying around...
    Fixed them out and applied liquid emulsion on them...

    After development and drying, a layer of gold paint was applied ...

    What I don't know yet is, how in he** I can scan them decently or photograph them...

    18x24 cm
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