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Thread: May/June View Camera

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    That is minus 45 degrees F. Typing is NOT my strong point.

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    Scott Davis
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    Re: May/June View Camera

    The WP article participants in View Camera were given guidance to shoot/select verticals for the article since the page layout was vertical.

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Trabitz View Post
    That is minus 45 degrees F. Typing is NOT my strong point.
    OK. That is COLD!!!

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Lockrey View Post
    Good god .... the sacred password. Expect numerous e-mails from the publisher for this terrible infraction.

    Good to know that some on this list have decent memories. NOt perfect as you still blame me

    Still waiting for my issue to arrive but it is only three weeks later than the norm and I am sure that the information on the Whole Plate camera will still be relavant when it arrives.

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Got my issue yesterday as well.
    Some good stuff. Seemed to be of good product value.
    Liked the alternative printmaking section, particularly tri-color gum. (would like more hands on detail on the process, particularly carbon printing)
    Nice images.
    Still glad I subscribe...

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Fagan View Post
    My copy arrived last week, I'm in Australia, so something right is happening.
    Also received mine last week

    Funny that ours had to be shipped to mainline, then mainline repacks them and posts them to us and we get it a week before those in conUS...

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Received mine today.

    Some real nice images and good article by Sandy King. The whole plate article has some beautiful stuff, including some forum members work. I can't wait to read the "Three Color Gum" article, since I got into some tri-color b&w film work a few years ago. The flowers in the article look like paintings. (sweet)

    Overall looks like a good issue.

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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Well done Steve and all forum members contributing to this issue.
    Received my copy today and without going into any details it looks like the best in quite a long time.
    Print quality is way better than it has been in a long time, What's going on in NM?
    Looking forward to read this weekend.

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    Just waiting to be developed..
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    Re: May/June View Camera

    I received mine the other day. One of the best issues in a longtime.
    I really enjoyed the three color gum article. Its fantastic.

    My continuing problem with the magazine is
    1. The spelling errors.
    2. Poor pre press (pre-flighting) of images and articles, text reflow....
    Ive work in the pre press industry and it pains me to see those mistakes in a fantastic magazine.

    Other then that, i will definitely be renewing my subscription.
    -Ian Mazursky Travel, Landscape, Portraits and my 12x20 diary
    PrePress Express

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    おせわに なります! Andrew O'Neill's Avatar
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    Re: May/June View Camera

    Got mine tonight. Will be reading it on the plane tomorrow.

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