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Thread: July 2009 Portraits

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    Re: July 2009 Portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by VictoriaPerelet View Post
    Trying to find Type 55 like color emulsion/process (literally VERY stinky process) Both P2, SA 72mm XL, F22

    Results are a bit laughable compared to "real" Kodak EPP, but somehow look like early color.
    I like the look. What process did you use?

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    Re: July 2009 Portraits

    it is probably wrong thread to discuss image making - you may move it somewhere else. Anyway, I'm looking at several modern (off beaten path) ways of producing instant analogue images, most of processes are rather nasty and under investigation, having recipes on open web will do more harm to thoughtless web readers than good. I'll publish notes at some moment.

    Here's one that is not harmful and can produce in camera ULF(12" x any size and smaller) color instant prints: PZ-D ER 12.7" + PZ-SG ER 12.4" - only tempered water required.

    PS. When referring to this elsewhere use link. PSPS - somebody care to give name to it

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