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Thread: That elusive term: "Perspective"

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    Re: That elusive term: "Perspective"

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Jones View Post
    Apologies for appearing off topic but I was taken with the way this discussion parallels the problems of point of view in literature, especially recent literature since the 1950s.
    I was thinking the 1950’s too, but more along the lines of Samuel Beckett.

    The repetitive dialogue between Mark and Rakesh will remind one of Vladimir and Estragon. But that’s not to say their dialogue hasn’t been helpful, even if it’s beginning to sound, well, just a little bit like theater of the absurd. (Might the players call it “Waiting for Doremus”?) I might add that no thread dealing with a term with so much potential for ambiguity can, in the end, escape this fate. But neither will it completely exhaust itself of interest. I’m still in the auditorium.

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    Re: That elusive term: "Perspective"


    I'm glad it has been helpful to you, it has been helpful to me too.

    I think we are at a point where were not moving forward by ourselves.

    Rakesh and Doremus and all who participated;

    Thank you, it has been fun.


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