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Thread: Good cop Bad cop

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    Good cop Bad cop

    Lately in an effort to understand what and why things work or don't work I've been shooting the same scene two ways for the comparison. Anyone else have some examples?

    ford at benton hot springs, oxyn lens f9

    ford at benton hot springs, pinkham-smith bi-quality lens f5

    Do you like one better than the other? Why? Maybe they both fail. I've got impervious shoulders.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot, 1949

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    Don Nelson
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    Re: Good cop Bad cop


    Great idea!
    Just a suggestion, but could you post without the lens information, maybe telling that later in a late followup?
    Its embarassing to say you don't like the image made with the pinkham-smith bi-quality ;-)

    But honestly, I prefer the first. Plane of sharp focus seems to sit right on top of the driver's headlight at f9. The plane of sharp focus, presuming there is one at f5, for the second image seems to lie in front of the headlight yet behind the grasses, maybe closer to the grasses. Somehow that headlight draws me into the first image, whereas I just sort of drift around the second image without getting engaged. Just my 2 cents..YMMV.

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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    What kind of gas mileage do you get with that thing?

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    Richard M. Coda
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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    I prefer the top one. The car is the subject for me... not the overgrowth in the foreground. Interesting concept, though.
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    Cooke, Heliar, Petzval...yeah
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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    I prefer the top one, sell me the lens from the second one
    Peter Hruby

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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    Changing too many variables at a time. You changed the lens, the focus point, and the perspective (or at least the cropping). But... I like the top one best. Like the models eyes to be in focus

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    I find the second one way more interesting to look at.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    Top one just looks like a photo of an old truck, bottom one has a slightly sinister mystery quality to it and is much more interesting, also much better separation of
    what's in/what's out focus areas. The "truck monster" is in the background lurking to
    pounce like a ghost from a childhood dream. It's a metaphor and not just a piece of
    machinery. Send me the lens and I will psychoanalyze it too!

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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    I like the second one better, can't really say why though it just looks more like art.

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    Re: Good cop Bad cop

    I like the first one better. I don't especially care for the OOF rendering in either, but it's less damaging in the first one. I think the placement of the plane of focus also works better in the first one, and the whole hangs together more coherently.

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