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Thread: Linhof"Large Format Photography"

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    Linhof"Large Format Photography"


    When was the latest edition of "Large Format Photography" (Grossbild Technik Mun ich 70) published? Do later editions merely update the equipment and accessorie s available or did they revise all the pictures and text as well?

    Was "Linhof Practice" the predecessor to "Large Format Photography"?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Linhof"Large Format Photography"

    My edition was bought new in 1968 and was published in 1967. The latest version I recall was published in 1972 with a few changes, but basically the same content. BTW if you ever see a copy of "Manual of Applied Photography" also published by Nikolaus Karpf, buy it. Both books have a great deal of useful information (as well as being Linhof centric).

    John Cooper

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    Linhof"Large Format Photography"

    Last one was 1973 and the last addenda to the lens coverage pages was printed in 11/73.

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    Linhof"Large Format Photography"

    The small, soft cover book Camera Movements replaced Large Format and has some of the same information. The last edition of this was the 11th printing of 1981

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    Linhof"Large Format Photography"

    The last edition was actually a small soft cover book 6.5 x 9.5" with 57 pages.


    Verstell - Techniken Bei Grossformat - Kameras

    Naturally it is in German only and was published in 1986. It has been out of print for some time.

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