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Thread: Epson 7800 functions, query

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    Epson 7800 functions, query

    m wanting to run my digital prints several times through the printer, with added layers (more like traditional seriographs). the machine refuses my print the second time seems like there is a way for this not to happen? Any help will be appreciated- Laurie Lippe

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    Re: Epson 7800 functions, query

    I've run into the same thing with my 4800. The only way I was able to run paper through multiple times was to use margins that were big enough so that the printer didn't "see" the image when it was checking paper orientation or whatever it does before it starts to print. You might get around it by offsetting the image area from the leading edge of the paper, or printing on a larger size paper than needed.

    Good luck - I'll be interested to see what else is suggested here.

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    Re: Epson 7800 functions, query

    Lauriel, there is a sensor you need to fool. If you look down the paper feed slot, you will see a good sized opening, around a square inch, about six inches from the right margin on the back large surface. Interruption of light through there is what triggers the "hit pause button" when you insert a sheet, among other things. You need to hang a small piece of thin paper down just far enough to cover that and tape it in place. Then load your real sheet.
    Jim is also correct, you need around 1.5 inches clear leading margin for it to accept the sheet at the sensors attached to the print head.
    Since the first step covers the sensor that detects the end of sheet, your print may fall right out on the floor when done, so watch for that. You will get an error alert when done, just pull out that little piece and flip the roll load lever back and forth and it'll be happy.
    I was told you can also do all this by loading your sheet in roll mode, but never tried it.
    Great fun using these Epsons as printmakers in ways for which they were not intended. Most good things come from stuff like that...

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