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Thread: Fomapan 100

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    Re: Fomapan 100

    Quote Originally Posted by kleinbatavia View Post
    Please be advised that buying from Norway will result in customs charges when buying from an EU country!
    Although Norway is not part of the European Union, there are some agreements regarding the free flow of goods between them and EU countries, so Norwegian goods imported into the Union (or the other way around) are not subject to customs or VAT.
    I did buy from Fomafoto a couple of times and never had to pay anything extra. So did a friend of mine who lives in Spain.

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    Re: Fomapan 100

    Well, the fine print reads you pay... And I actually did a few weeks ago when I bought a lens from Norway... Everyone for him or herself, just warning there is a risk and they are formally allowed to tax you (which in NL they apparently do).

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