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Thread: What developer do you use? Why?

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    HC-110, mostly with HP5+.

    Like you, I wanted to avoid mixing powders. In addition, I wanted to avoid fussing with a lot of temperature control. I process in a Jobo drum w/o bath, and can't guarantee that the drum temperature stays the same as the water temperature. My "darkroom" temperatures range from 68F to 74F during the year. According to development time can be adjusted to temperature by the formula:

    New time = Old time exp(-0.045 (New temp F - Old temp F))


    - Water (bottled distilled) and Jobo drum at room temperature
    - HC-110 dilution H
    - Adjust time according to
    - Develop/fix/rinse on a unidirectional Beseler motor base

    Dilution H gives me reasonable times in the drum (8-12 minutes, depending on temp) so I don't worry about the time spent filling or emptying. HC-110 is used dilution H as a one-shot developer.

    Not quite as casual as Jim Galli, but no fuss, minimal equipment, reproducible.


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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    I use Pyrocat HD because it is available in a two part liquid concentrate, the concentrates last for years, it's inexpensive, it works in a Jobo, Sandy King (the formulator) is a knowledgeable and helpful person, and the grain size/sharpness balance works well for my photography.

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    HC-110, usually at b dilution. It's a lovely developer with any film I've tried it on, and the stock solution has a very, very long shelf life, (it's in a glycol base, so it doesn't oxydize or hydrolize).
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    Xtol - straight - it will last along time ( a couple of months) undiluted and it will process alot of films before it wears out.


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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    Pyrocat-HD because it's economical and I like what the stain can do for me on VC paper and Kallitypes. It gives really nice smooth high value tones, and sharp grain. It's also a great developer for stand and semi-stand development. I also mix up LC-1B when I work with APHS film when continuous tones are needed. Recently I've been playing around with an Amidol film developer.

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    For TMX and TMY-2 sheet film, I use TMAX RS developer in the Jobo. Not according to instructions, but following what I learned from John Sexton years ago, I premix concentrate A and B, and then use that as one shot developer at 1+9 dilution (except for N+2 where I use 1+4).

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    I've been using D76 1:1 in trays for over 30 years. I know how it works, and I guess I just like the smell.

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    PMK Pyro...........taste great............less filling

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    Pyrocat HD for me. I started using it when I purchased a large quantity of Forte 400 film which is very grainy. The pyrocat helps eliminate or blend the very obvious graininess I would normally get in the highlights with any other developer. Also, it yields the best looking negatives (almost 3-d looking) I have ever seen. I use it with Forte, FP4, Tri-X but not Efke 25. For Efke, I use Rodinal to bring out the sparkle.

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    Re: What developer do you use? Why?

    Now Pyrocat HD with everything

    But for nearly 20 years Rodinal and also Xtol for commercial work, OK I mix Pyrocat approx once a year from raw chemicals and after that it's just quick & simple.

    I use Pyrocat with Ilford FP4/HP4 Delta 100 & 400, Fomapan 100/200 as well as my last stock of Fortepan 200 but particularly EFKE PL25, it's a superb combination.


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