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Thread: Printing in grayscale w/3800 & color green???

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    Printing in grayscale w/3800 & color green???

    So my new 3800 is giving me a unwanted "green" in by bw print. Outlined below is this info: My paper of choice is Epson matte & assigned as is Matte Ink. The driver settings for color handling is "no color". (I have tried other settings here--to no avail.) I have chosen ABW in the print mode. (I have tried other settings here as well--to no avail). Same results.

    The image is set to grayscale. Yet in all attempts, I'm still getting a bw print with green in it. I have had an IT guy working with me at the same time, & we have attempted to use other settings. We still continue to get a bw print with green in it. He is at a loss to find the cause or solution at this time. And we spent hours on this image.

    If I'm printing according to the " book", if my IT guy is printing according to the "book", in all attempts in printing this image as well as using other settings, we constantly get a green in a bw print.

    Your comments, suggestions, observations are welcomed. Help!!!!

    PS My IT guy is well qualified & versed as I'm not. Yet he is perplexed--as I indicated, we attempted a multitude of settings, yet we continue to get green. He's starting to wonder if the printer is the cause of the problem itself.

    We also did a "firmware" update on the 3800.

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    Re: Printing in grayscale w/3800 & color green???

    Check your ink cartridges to be in the correct position .
    I once had a misplaced cartridge giving funny color casts in the print .
    Also , what profile does your image have ? ? ?
    All my images , even B/W , are converted into LStar-RGB v.2 .
    No problems since then when printing B/W .

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    Re: Printing in grayscale w/3800 & color green???

    If you aren't getting a good black also make sure the black ink is not clogged. My first attempts after switching from matte to photo black showed cyan where the blackest black should be. The photo black was clogged. Other than that, or a misplaced cartridge, I would think a setting is wrong in color managment.

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    Re: Printing in grayscale w/3800 & color green???

    You are following the instructions in the 3800 manual for Advanced B&W, right? If you're following those instructions to the letter and still getting a green tone I'd guess something's wrong with your printer. As an aside, and no criticism of your IT guy intended, but I've found that the computer tech types I've used on occasion don't have a clue about printing a photograph.
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