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Thread: Fixing damaged tiff file?

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    Fixing damaged tiff file?

    I have a tiff file which i can't open under either Linux or Windows. No viewer , including Photoshop can open it. I think the image is still there in the file and it is simply a matter of locating it within the file.

    Can anyone suggest a way to do it?

    The image was originally scanned from a negative, and I can rescan it, so fixing the file is not worth a lot of time, effort, or cash. But if there is software to fix such files, it migh t be useful to have.

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    Re: Fixing damaged tiff file?

    If NU has some kind of help desk to support students with their computers, they may have some people around who would know of a utility which could repair the file. They might even appreciate the business, if Spring Break is "in session".

    If you like, I can ask at the University where I currently work here in Massachusetts. They have such a help desk, and the collective knowledge of the team is pretty impressive.

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