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Thread: What kind of foam for a 4x5 case?

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    What kind of foam for a 4x5 case?

    Is there a name for the right kind of dustless foam used in instrument and camer a cases? (And Southern California Sources) also tricks on how to cut the stuff.. .....Thanks, Chuck

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    What kind of foam for a 4x5 case?

    A closed-cell foam, one that will not absorb water, is what you want. As far as cutting it, two ways, for me have been very successful. First, for those with an electric carving knife, that has two, half blades, operating at high speed in opposite directions. Second, many makers of sabre saws make a knife blade, which, if sharp, works like a champ to cut through foam. One of the better foams is Ethafoam, which is highly rigid, and the material I use for the false floor for my Avon river raft. (For circular cut outs in Ethafoam, find a can, like a small coffee can,...heat it with a propan torch and melt your way through the Ethafoam to a perfect circular cut-out. Works like a champ.....from personal experience.

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    What kind of foam for a 4x5 case?

    Be careful using pull and pluck sold by companies like works great for a little while, then gives way and everything crashes into each other....

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    What kind of foam for a 4x5 case?


    A tip for cutting foam: use a very sharp knife and place the foam in the freezer for 24 hours prior to cutting.


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