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Thread: Zoomify Test

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    Zoomify Test

    I processed one of my Katrina pictures with Zoomify:

    This is a first cut, and looking at it, I think I should have downsided the image a bit before processing it - Zoomify broke it into 2,100 file chunks. I should also have moderated the contast a bit more and probably tweaked the sharpening. But it is still an interesting way to show the full resolution of a LF photo on the WWW.

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    Re: Zoomify Test

    Hi Ed,

    I had a look, very cool !, what a great way to show a LF photo on the WWW, nice photograph too, I admire your work.

    Gary Nylander,

    West Kelowna, B.C., Canada

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    Re: Zoomify Test


    Thanks for posting. That is pretty neat. Can you give some details about the software, like where to get, cost, operating system required, etc.

    Sandy King

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    Re: Zoomify Test

    That's very cool - be amazing for a giant 8x10 scan.

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    Re: Zoomify Test

    A navigation tip - the little blue box on the thumbnail can be dragged around for navigation.


    I used the free express version. Took me a few tries to get the files in the right place, but it works pretty well.


    This is the same approach they are using in the Gigpixel displays, so you could do an 8x10. There is significant overhead, in that my 4x5 generated 2100 files. I should have down sampled it a little first, but even then, an 8x10 would probably generate 4-5000 files per image. Means you have to be organized in your WWW management.

    Thanks Gary!

    Ruth Lane was just one block, and that is Ruth's house. I met her son while taking the picture.

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