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Thread: Acadia National Park

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    Re: Acadia National Park

    Thanks for all the information everyone. There really is a wealth of information and experience on this site.

    I finally tracked down the book I was thinking of: The Plein Air Artist Guide to Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island (sold through LuLu).

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    Re: Acadia National Park

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_1856 View Post
    Greg, one Autumn I ran the Medical Clinic at Southwest Harbor, but work left me little time to explore.
    How did you get the "artist in residence" job? I'd like to apply, and have a chance to see all the stuff that I missed that year. It is the East Coast equivilant of Point Lobos!
    Hi Bill. Acadia has a submission process once a year. This year's deadline was January 15. All the information is available on Acadia's NPS site.

    It is pretty competitive. Acadia is the most prominent AIR program to the millions of people in the northeast so Acadia sees a lot of applications.

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