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Thread: #%$& Glasses

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    Re: #%$& Glasses

    I'm 48 now and I bought my first pair of readers (1.25) about six months ago...truth be told I needed them a few years ago...
    They embarrass the heck out of my daughter when we're in public so I guess they do have a good side to them...
    My arms are still long enough to read without them but there are times when I have no other choice but to wear them...
    Using an SLR is no big deal but the View Camera...they're either "On" or need to be "On" or I'm looking for them to put "On"...I just don't need them when using the loupe...

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    Re: #%$& Glasses

    Just got my flip down readers. Looks like a good solution.
    I clip them to my 2.25x readers and I can manipulate the camera with the extra lenses flipped up, and focus on the ground glass with the lenses flipped down.

    Of course, I look like the dork of the universe, but that stopped really mattering some years ago.
    I've got my gear, now what?

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    Re: #%$& Glasses

    Very pleasantly surprised by how much the Cabela's 4x flip-down magnifiers (over my -7.0 to +2.5 regular correction) improved my view of both the entire 8x10 GG (which required removing my glasses altogether to see the image on the GG under the darkcloth) as well as my ability to focus the image without further aid. My loupe is now mostly to confirm what I have already been able to see, rather than essential to the task at hand. Much more convenient and efficient than the old way.
    Thanks to this thread for the suggestion.

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