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Thread: Fatif 8x10 Camera

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    Fatif 8x10 Camera

    Has anybody out there heard or used a Fatif camera. I am thinking of getting one , but dont know if they are rigid enough, etc. Thanks for all your help. Jorge

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    Fatif 8x10 Camera

    Fatif is an Italian camera actually the only industrially produced Italian Camera. It has been around for sometimes(its elegant design is a product of the great '60/'70's designer Joe Colombo). I have been usind and owning Fatif throughout my studies at the European Institute of Design in Milan and it was the first Large format camera I ever bought. Depending on the Model(many different version have been produced through the years) can be Good or very Good.

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    Fatif 8x10 Camera

    It is very rigid and informations should be still available because the company still operates

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    Fatif 8x10 Camera

    As I write this, there's one for auction on eBay...

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    Fatif 8x10 Camera

    Jorge, the FATIF is a good and very rigid camera. I worked a lot with it in Ital y, in 8x10. Nothing to complain about it. And the people are very nice in the factory (ask for Mr Quintino Piana, if you need to call) Check their Website (

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