I've been left handed, but right eye dominant for years. My right eye was dominant to the point that I switched shooting rifle and pistol to right hand; that is, until just over four years ago. At that time I had cataract surgery, and had to make a choice for my replacement lens prescription. I also have severe astigmatism, requiring the insertion of a toric lens. My surgeon would not put in equal power lenses. He insisted that one be slightly myopic. So, I chose the left eye for the slight myopia. It changed my dominance. I'm now left eye dominant. I don't have short enough vision to use my right eye for pistol targets. I've now resorted to shooting pistol left handed, since the sights are much more clear.

It also changed the way I look at the ground glass. I now mask the right eye, since I can see the ground glass much more clearly with the left eye, and no lens correction. I do use +1.5 diopter lenses for reading, but I see my ground glass, and even the view finder on cameras much better with my left eye; and I don't close my right eye.