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Thread: Can you compose better with your left eye?

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    Re: Can you compose better with your left eye?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Andrews View Post
    This may not be the proper forum for this question, but there isn't a section ca lled "Crackpot theories vaguely connected with photography". ;^)

    OK. Here goes .The theory that the right hemisphere of the brain is devoted to visual proc essing and creativity, while the left deals with language and logic, now seems t o be a pretty well established fact. It's also a physical fact that the left eye is connected directly to the creative right side of the brain, and vice versa.< br>Now, the author of a book I'm currently reading, suggests that, because of th is direct connection from the left-eye to the right-brain; using the left eye sh ould result in more awareness of aesthetics, composition, colour, etc.I'm na turally right-eyed, so I'm going to see if my pictures improve by deliberately v iewing with my non-dominant left eye.

    Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone else has tried this, and whether you know if any study has shown that naturally left- eyed photographers or artists make more creative and stunning pictures?Furth er; if you consider yourself a creative genius, are you left-eyed?[Simple te st for which is your dominant eye: Hold your finger at arms length, and with bot h eyes open, line it up with an object in the distance. Now close one eye. If th e finger and object stay in line, then you've still got your dominant eye open. If the finger seems to jump out of line, then you've just closed your dominant e ye.]

    Before you send round the guys in white coats. Yes, I do need a holiday, and I'll be taking one, as of tomorrow.
    Funny timing, but I was just reading an educational newsletter today that included an article which said that the long-expressed ideas about left/right brain, language/logic/creativity has been determined to be way overblown, if not entirely bogus. As a totally-left-dominated, logical creative person (only written somewhat tongue-in-cheek), I've always been somewhat wary of the whole idea. I'm a firm believer in the idea of brains being extremely plastic, and of individual differences being more important than group similarities when it comes to al sorts of things, from intelligence to gender differences.

    That said, there are clearly physiological pathways that are obviously real and the same in all, or at least the vast majority, of us. Thanks for the reminders about the fascinating connections between the eyes and the brain! I have a brother who suffered brain damage after a car accident. He needed therapy to get his eyes to match his perceptions again, or vice versa, or both, or something. It was hard enough, I'm sure, for him to understand. His explanations were baffling!

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    Re: Can you compose better with your left eye?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Captain itchy-eye's story

    Sailor: So, Captain, how is it you have a hook for a hand?
    Captain: Aye, t'was when the Great Whale bit it off!
    Sailor: And the eye patch?
    Captain: Yay, t'was the first day of getting the hook.
    So you think that's bad, a pirate walks in a bar, and the bartender sees a ship's wheel stuck in the old tar's crouch... The keeper yells "what happened to you!?!!! But the pirate says; "It's driving me nuts"...

    But for the eye thing, walk around for a few minutes with one eye covered, then the other, and ask yourself which you could live with if only one... Granted, you would adapt, but...

    Steve K

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    Re: Can you compose better with your left eye?

    I do not have a dominant eye at all. Mine are 'equal in rank', and when focusing on a distant object, I always see two defocused close-up fingers at once.

    I am right-handed, and I used to compose my small format shots with my right eye just according to the common tradition (and yes a lot of cameras are awkward to use the other way). When I got aware of the above theory, I tried switching my eyes. I never use my right eye for composing since that very day.

    I don't know if the theory is a wise one or a pure bullsh*t. I just don't have any background in that science. And I actually don't care. Theories come and go but my own practice speaks for itself - for me, of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Pratt View Post
    My right eye seems to cast the subject to the left a tad. In the studio this shift amounted to 1/2 inch on 5x7 print. The left seemed to be consistently better although not as sharp.
    Same here.... even to the extent of having technically better eyesight with my right eye.

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    Re: Can you compose better with your left eye?

    Maybe it is true. My eyesight deteriorated in 2003. The right eye is blind and the left eye is just bad. My photography changed too . . .for the better I think; everthing became sinpler, more graphic.. ,. . .so maybe the left eye thing works.
    Drew Bedo

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