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Thread: 4x5 LPL enlarger

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    4x5 LPL enlarger


    I have finally decided to buy a 4x5 enlarger. Saunders LPL 4500 with a dichro co lor head. But I live in India and they are not available here. The only place I have somebody who can buy it, is in Toronto Canada. But I cant seem to find a de aler (store or on the web)in Canada who sells Saunders 4x5 enlargers.

    Can someone please help.

    Thanks Dileep

    PS: My wooden homemade 4x5 coldlite enlarger works well but cant get graded pape r here. Quite difficult !!!

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    4x5 LPL enlarger

    I don't think that LPL enlargers go under the Saunders name outside of the US. Saunders are the US importers. They may be known simply as LPL in Canada.In the UK and Europe, these great enlargers are handled by Jobo, and you have to deal through them and their distribution network.

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    4x5 LPL enlarger

    Dileep, Great choice of enlarger!!!! I know that Robert White (a UK dealer) stocks the LPL 5x4 and can ship internationally (although the enlarger is very substantial and carriage may add up ). But he provides a top class service and his prices are very good too. Contact him through his web site ( and he will give you all the info you need. By the way, Peter is right, Saunders is the USA name, LPL and Jobo everwhere else, but the products are all identical in specification. Good luc

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