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Thread: CS4 issues and forums?

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    Re: CS4 issues and forums?

    I'm running CS4 on XP Pro SP3 and I haven't had a single problem; running like a charm.

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    Re: CS4 issues and forums?

    I wrote a reply and lost it. Bottom lines:

    (1) dont't be afraid of Vista 64. It's good, on a new machine.
    (2) Photoshop CS$ has problems and Adobe knows it.

    (3) Some are being fixed.

    (4) Some are not being fixed, until CS5.

    This is my favorite, and it's not being fixed:

    [I've confirmed that there's an installer bug that causes Adobe Drive to be installed on Win64 systems regardless of whether you've unchecked that option. --J.]

    [No, nor do I expect it to be changed in CS4. --J.]

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    Cool Re: CS4 issues and forums?

    I was able to get CS4 upgrade from CS2 plus LR2 in a package deal. I have not installed CS4 on my G5 Mac-my computer geek tells me it won't run as fast on a single processor Mac. (?),

    I agree about the continual upgrading- Adobe told me they plan an upgrade every 18 months.

    Makes wet darkroom look really inviting.

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    Re: CS4 issues and forums?

    Quote Originally Posted by David Spivak-Focus Magazine View Post
    MAC or PC? If it's PC, blame your OS. Vista is the absolute worst OS since Windows 98 and I actually think it's worse. Sometimes I think it might be worth it to pay double the price of a fully loaded hp to get a bare bottom MAC with all of the time and headaches it causes me. CS4 took a week of almost completely re-programming my computer for CS4 and several days on the phone with Adobe tech support and I'm still having problems nearly 90 days later. I had NO problems with CS3 whatsoever.
    Strange, I've had Vista for only a short time - a couple weeks - but my wife has had it for over a year. Neither of us has had the first problem with it once we downloaded the various updates some of our programs required to work with 64 bit.
    Brian Ellis
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