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Thread: Hello from SEDONA AZ

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    Smile Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Greetings to all on the forum!
    I have recently retired from a 35mm. news career and am looking
    to learn about large format I can begin to photograph
    the spectacular landscapes where I live in Sedona. I would like to
    start one on one instruction with a seasoned working landscape photographer
    in my town. I have no large format equipment at this time, but would
    be purchasing my own as I become more knowledgeable.
    Someone with drum scan experience and familiarity with local high res labs
    is a big plus.
    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Welcome aboard! You are indeed in a wonderful area for photography. My mother-in-law lives in nearby Cornville, I try and get over to visit and work on my landscape skills at least once a year. This forum is a wonderful resource.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Rick, Welcome to this site. I live a portion of the year in Phoenix metro. If you don't get any other answers to your questions, I would suggest contacting Rod at Photomark in Phoenix. He runs the large format and professional dept at the store. He also teaches at Scottsdale and conducts workshops at various times. He will know, more than anyone that I can think of, where to direct you for your needs.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Thanks for the recommendation of Rod at Photomark.
    I will keep him in mind if I cannot find someone more local.
    I appreciate your reply.

    Rick D

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Rod Klukas is the "guru" when it comes to large format.

    You'll have a tough time finding anyone closer to Sedona who has his level of knowledge.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Rick: Welcome to the site and to LFP. I thoroughly enjoyed my single visit to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon several years ago; a few images are posted on my website: I think you'll find this group very helpful! Tom Conway.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    The Oak Creek area is beautiful. I have been there many times over the last several years to photograph.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Not just Sedona but the surrounding areas contain alot of subject matter and your a day trip or overnight away from the Canyon. The one thing to remember is get a resident parking pass for road side parking and in the parks.

    I'd love to know what the real estate prices are up there now that the economy and housing market took a slump. The last time I was there about two or so years ago it was a million dollar area + alot or minus a little.

    It's too bad they instituted the road blockages to some oft times visited areas but I guess the graffiti was getting to be too much. When I first started going there when visiting the parental units in Scottsdale you could drive all over. Now the walks to the petroglyph's turns many back. That may be good tho.

    Welcome and enjoy. Your not very far from alot of great shooting. My suggestion is to get a popular hikes book and carry water all the time.

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    Hi Rick,

    You've got a really good suggestion already of Rod from Photomark. Call him. He's offered workshops down here, and might offer one up there - or he may offer some info on who might be able to help you out. Plus you can rent a camera from him. There is a LF guy that has work in a gallery up there, but I can't remember his name.

    My suggestion is to grab a copy of Dykinga's book. It's actually pretty good even though it reads like an Arca brochure.

    I'm in Tucson and head up that way every once in a while. Or if you ever head down this way, I'd be happy to show you everything I know (which isn't much ).

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    Re: Hello from SEDONA AZ

    You can also see a man named Alain Birot. He is also a very accomplished landscape photographer and knows the in's and out's of photographing in the southwest. He offers many workshops and one on one consulting. He is from the NW corner of Phoenix I belive Peoria AZ).

    His web site is:

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