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Thread: Help me find a rock

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    Help me find a rock

    Firstly, I realise what a ridiculous request this is, but hey, someone might actually know, and isn't that what the internet is for? So, no harm in asking...

    I'm looking for a particular rock, I am pretty sure it's in Joshua Tree NP. It's shaped a bit like a peach, a large round boulder, with a little shrub/tree on top of it. It has another smaller boulder right against it. It's the boulder in Michael Fatali's "Sunkissed" image, I believe he also used the same boulder in his "Fruit of Temptation" shot. Also Jack Dykinga has shot this rock.

    I have been to Joshua Tree once, but I never saw it, I described it and drew a picture of it for a ranger there, and they had no idea either.

    This rock is perfect for a shot I want to create, that's been rattling around my head for years, and if I knew where the boulder was, I could at least begin planning it, check it out on Google Earth etc.

    I know, it's a long shot, but you never know unless you ask.

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    Re: Help me find a rock

    Yes, it's definately in Joshua Tree, but beyond that, I can't help you. Why do you want this particular rock, if it's already been shot so many times before? I'm sure you could find another one that's just as interesting and make it truely your own.
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    Re: Help me find a rock

    Because this particular rock has the exact shape I'm looking for an idea I have, and it's a particularly unique rock, the odds of finding another like it would be astronomical. I'm sure there are hundreds of similar ones scattered around the world, but I don't have time enough lifetimes to go looking for them

    Just because it's been shot before, doesn't mean I have to take the same shot...

    Somebody may know where it is, and maybe not. Either way, doesn't hurt to ask.

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    Re: Help me find a rock

    You should try a rock climbing forum, cause those guys now JT pretty well.

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    Re: Help me find a rock

    If you think it is in Joshua Tree NP, ask the rangers! They've probably had to inventory all the rocks there anyway.
    Go to the NPS website for Joshua Tree and shoot 'em an e-mail.
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    Re: Help me find a rock

    Take some walks in Jumbo Rocks.

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    Re: Help me find a rock

    The rocks look big enough that there should be some climbs on them.

    The joshua tree climbing guide is huge. Get a copy and look through each page.

    The curving hill (rendered black in the image) seems smoother than most places in JT. ie not littered with small boulders everywhere.

    but my guess is one of the southern areas


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