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Thread: Post your (LF) trains!

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    Re: Post your (LF) trains!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris7521 View Post
    I like it. Nice light and color as well.
    Thanks... I was running from my car to get the sun just before it went below the mountains to the west and I missed it. I decided to take a shot anyway and was happy with what came out.

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    Re: Post your (LF) trains!

    Quote Originally Posted by devb View Post
    CAGX 1134, outskirts of Denver. Chamonix 045n-2, Caltar 75mm, Portra 400.

    64th Ave
    by Doug Ensel, on Flickr
    Fantastic. Love the echoing forms and sweet light.

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    Re: Post your (LF) trains!

    Quote Originally Posted by johnmsanderson View Post

    South Dakota Central #103C, near Murdo, SD

    E100G 8x10
    Love. Love, love, love. Do you always shoot E100G? Dig the soft palette and your images and wonder if you can share anything about your post work or if it is mainly in camera, film choice and lighting?

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    Re: Post your (LF) trains!

    Tachihara 4x5
    Rodenstock 210mm
    TMY f22@1/15 sec
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails img017.jpg  

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    Re: Post your (LF) trains!

    From a meniscus of an old brass lens. Thanks, Stephane..

    13x18cm Reisekamera
    FP4plus (4x5")
    printed on 12x16" Fomabrom
    toned in sulphur.
    It misses some light, soI will try it again:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LokR.jpg 
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    The train stands within wood and grass in an old industrial environment.
    Today this area is transformed to a park an one can walk on the old railroads (path now):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BlörrR.jpg 
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    Critics are welcome,

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