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Thread: film scanning

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    film scanning

    Hi, Can I make film more flat during scanning? I have a problems during scanning my 4x5 and 6x9 film with Epson 1200U. Can I use just a glass plate to make film more flat? Thanks, Dmitri

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    film scanning

    Dmitri, this is not a hazardous procedure. No explosives are involved. Government permits are probably required by federal regulations, but what the heck, try it on the sly. Then you tell us, OK?

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    film scanning


    You're SO helpful. Please post more often!

    Dmitri, It is doubtful that you can use any such glass "sandwich" on an Epson. The focus point would then not be at the film plane.

    How are you processing your 4x5 that they are not remaining flat? Flatness is usually not such a problem with 4x5.

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    film scanning

    Hi Dmitri,

    I have had good results taping my 4x5 chromes to the glass on my flatbed scanner, using a small piece of tape that just covers the film edge on each corner.


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    film scanning


    I use Kami scanner mounting fluid with my Linotype-Hell Ultra Saphire II. Works like oil but leaves very little for clean-up afterwards. I just wipe the plate. The transparency sometimes needs a bit of Pec 12. Holds the film down without Newton rings.


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    film scanning

    Hi Dimitri. I, too, am using an Epson 1200 scanner and am wondering if you posted this question because you got scans that look not sharp at all. Well...I believe that more flat film will not change anything! You have to live with this (and use sharpening tool of your software) or buy a more expensive scanner (at least one with a separate drawer and no glass). Be aware that pressing the film on the glass plate will produce Newton rings. In my experience using the provided "sleeves" gives best results.

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    film scanning

    The Kami fluid works very nicely scanning from the glass stage. Highly recommend it. Takes care of the Newton rings with ease! Cheers

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    film scanning

    Where might one procure Kami oil? Can't find it on B&H's site.

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    film scanning

    I went looking for this myself earlier this week and finally tracked down the US importer at ... turned out that they actually have a local retailer but said that they will sell directly to consumers if they don't.

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    film scanning

    Does anyone use kami oil without glass? Would there be any advantage?

    My scanner has glassless carriers but I have heard such great things about Kami oil that I hate to miss out!
    John Hennessy

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