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Thread: my new wet plate back

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    Re: my new wet plate back

    way cool! looks like the camera will fit in a backpack so bring it to the citi next week.

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    Re: my new wet plate back

    wow!!!! congra all around!!!! That is way cool!


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    Re: my new wet plate back

    Man, I don't see studio cameras up on blocks too often. Those look like pretty decent plates. Starting off with 10" x 10"--that's confidence.

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    Re: my new wet plate back

    Quote Originally Posted by eddie View Post
    har har har! i use the hand truck to move it! i plan on putting some "off road" wheels on her too.

    here is my 3rd plate. f11 water house stop used. 10 seconds.
    I'm not being cute or an A**hole, just trying to be helpful, I LOVE having my cameras on wheels.....hadn't thought of the hand-truck, I was imagining you and a friend carrying it around like a monster fold-a-bed and having to do it over and over to compose : )
    Your plates are looking nice, wet-plate is big fun, I took a workshop this summer and will be setting up my own kit sometime when other projects slow down.
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    Re: my new wet plate back

    Congratulations on the new camera and learning the process, it all looks like it's coming together for you.

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    Re: my new wet plate back

    thanks guys!

    tracy, i know you were serious. i appreciate your help.......thanks! i am going to get some wheels...and i am looking for some that will allow me to wheel her over some uneven terrain! i am planning to have it semi portable! i figure with all the extra wet plate crap you have to carry around with you a stand would just add to the mix. i need to have the big lens board so i can shoot a large variety of lenses (and of course a big plate) seems a lot easier than a giant tripod as far as setting it up and and moving it around. the hand cart works perfectly for getting it in and out of the garage right now.

    i am going to try and make a few more plates this evening.
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    Re: my new wet plate back

    That is awesome, how to you make a wet plate?

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