hi all,

i just thought i would talk about my new wet plate back.

a friend of mine built it for me....and i would like to say it is super nice! thanks cliff!

it attaches to my century studio 8x10 camera. the plate size is 10 3/8 x 10 3/8 inches. this gives me a full 10x10 image on the glass/aluminum. the frame attaches to the camera and then the ground glass attaches to he frame. i remove the GG and then attach the plate holder. the plate holder is a book style holder. it latches with a spring operated latch. the knob that you see on the back is there so the holder sits level when opened. a beautiful mahogany piece.

oh! it also has two inserts that allows me to shoot 8x10 plates as well. (i need to paint them still)

i will pour my 1st plate tomorrow. stay tuned for the results!

more photos here.