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    Smile Starter Question

    I have just purchased a Wista 45DX.
    Can someone advise a decent large format guide to get me started.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Starter Question

    Lots of really good information right here on the home page if you are looking for a book Steve Simmons Using The View Camera is a good option, Amazon UK linkKen Rockwell has some guides on his site too here.

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    Re: Starter Question

    As Clive mentioned, the articles on the Home Page here answer most of the basic questions. Additionally, there are numerous books on the subject. Leslie Stroebel's "View Camera Technique" is one of the more in-depth books on LF photography, and is considered the "bible" by many.

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    Re: Starter Question

    When I got started a few years ago I looked at the Stroebel book but found it much more info than I needed as a beginner.


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    Re: Starter Question

    Quote Originally Posted by ejohnson View Post
    When I got started a few years ago I looked at the Stroebel book but found it much more info than I needed as a beginner.

    The Simmons book, and the Shaman book, are more accessible to beginners I believe. The Stone book has some good technical information that the previous books lack. And of course the Stroebel book has even more. I have all but the Shaman book, and find I get something out of every one of them.

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